Love Hijab Life

Meet Farah, one of the Hijab Unravelled participants. She invited me into her home in Zoetermeer  and we spent a great afternoon together taking some amazing shots. Farah was born in The Netherlands, but her roots lie in India, which is why she believes she developed a love for henna. She has been practicing the art since she was 16 and is now the proud owner of a small (part-time) henna-business >Love Henna< at 28 years old. 

It took Farah a while to understand the true meaning of her hijab. At first she spent years trying different hijab styles and combining it with eye-catching jewellery. It wasn't until during her first marriage that she began to appreciate it more and learned to respect her hijab. She realised she felt ashamed showing herself off and decided to stick to one style and tone down the accessories. Together with her mother they are the only women in the family to wear the hijab and Farah is happily married to her second husband.

You'll have to wait for the pictures in the project until the book is released this October, but here are some behind-the-scenes shots to enjoy!