Sea of Light

In 2015 the tri-national >Young Professionals< student project entered its third round. As in previous years, five Photography/Arts students and one teacher from three universities from different countries were invited to Zingst, Germany. The schools involved were the Stichting de Nederlandse Fotovakschool in Amsterdam, the Estonian Academy of Arts in Talinn and the Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule in Halle, Germany. The fifteen students and three teachers came together to take part in a workshop and I was lucky enough to represent the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam as one of the participants!

The theme for the 2015 workshop was >SEA OF LIGHT<. Each group of students was asked to ponder on how best to express it photographically and to bring ideas to the joint workshop in March. Each day one of the universities was asked to present their interpretation of the theme for everyone to consider. By challenging the participants with these new perspectives an international interplay took place, fuelling the creativity.

German theme: Sea of Light inspired by Hiroshi Sugimoto
Estonian theme: The Giant Squid
Dutch theme: The Whiteness of the Whale

We (the participants) were invited to return to Zingst in May for the >Horizonte Zingst< Environmental Photo Festival. In exchange for an amazing location for our exhibition, we had to arrange our pictures, develop a concept and set up the exhibition, write texts to accompany our work and organise guided tours. The project is the result of a collaboration between the STP Gallery and the Horizonte Zingst festival, fostering and encouraging young artists.

Below you can find my three series that were featured at the Horizonte Zingst festival, inspired by the workshop. To obtain the complete >Young Professionals< 2015 collection of photographs and information about the artists, you can buy our book here.