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Danielle Regout (1986):

Born in Latin America, Danielle lived abroad in Canada and Poland before moving to The Netherlands permanently during her childhood. After completing a degree in communication, Danielle became an entrepreneur. In 2011 she founded her company DARE, specialising in digitalising photo archives and creating photo albums. Photography had always been a hobby, but working with so many photographs every day led Danielle to follow her passion and become a professional photographer. Danielle enrolled in the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam and in March 2015 she graduated as a documentary/auto­nomous photographer.

Since then her work has been exhibited at the Foto Festival Naarden (NL), the Horizonte Zingst Festival (Ger) and in the Melkweg Expo in Amsterdam in her first solo exhibition. Furthermore, in 2015 Danielle was selected as one of the best emerging Dutch photographers by GUP magazine and featured in the book NEW 2016, which is available in bookstores and museums worldwide. Not only does photography allow Danielle to document and capture the world through her eyes, it also lets her experiment and challenge reality. Danielle uses the medium as an artistic outlet and an instrument to tell her stories. 



2017 March 5th-19th: Yalta 1945 | Influence

2015 Dec 10th - 2016 Jan 14th: 5&33 | New Dutch Photography Talent | group

2015 Oct 23rd - Nov 29th: Melkweg Expo | Hijab Unravelled | solo

2015 Oct 21st - Oct 31st: Graduation Show Fotovakschool Amsterdam | Underwater Depths | group

2015 May 30th - June 7th: Horizonte Zingst Festival | Sea of Light | group

2015 May 14th - June 21st: FotoFestival Naarden | Water?

2015 March 2nd - April 30th: Profectus 2015 | Hijab Unravelled | group



2015 New Dutch Photography Talent 2016 | book

2015 Graduation Show Stichting Nederlandse Fotovakschool | catalogue

2015 Hijab Unravelled | book

2015 Sea of Light - Young Professionals | book

2015 PF Student in Beeld | Hijab Unravelled | article

2015 New Dawn Paper | Underwater Depths | article

2015 Zaman Vandaag | Hijab Unravelled | article



2017 Yalta 1945 - theme "Influence" | photo winner

2015 Keep an Eye Fotovakschool Grant | nomination