Every two years Naarden hosts the Foto Festival Naarden: a thematic photography exhibition featuring the latest developments within the Dutch photography scene; honouring tradition whilst looking towards the future. Outstanding photographers are invited to exhibit their latest work and young professionals are encouraged to submit their work, having a chance at being selected.

The theme in 2015 was "Water, Water!" Water and The Netherlands have been inextricably linked throughout history and to this day in the lives of the Dutch. As a result, water has continually been an inspiration within many fields, including sports, travel, art, music and photography.

WIth great honour my polaroid series "Water?" was featured at the festival. Water has become such an ordinary element in our lives, that we tend to forget how much of a necessity it really is. This paradox was the inspiration for the (at times somewhat ironic) project. All images were taken with a Fujifilm polaroid camera on Instax Mini film.