Behind-the-scenes with Layla

My next Hijab Unravelled adventure brought me to the doorstep of the wonderful blogger behind Turkish Layla was raised non-religiously by her Dutch mother and Turkish father and was educated to become a nurse. Fate led her to meet her husband-to-be in the hospital she was working for and two years later they were engaged. This sparked a long felt desire to reach back to her roots and commit fully to the religion she had never been taught about during her upbringing. Sporadically she started wearing her hijab and with the help of her husband she was able to answer the many questions she had always had during her childhood. Though it meant distancing herself from her family, she says it's a dream come true to have found the courage to wear the hijab permanently and to feel at ease about it. Layla is happily raising a family of her own, still adjusting her hijab every day and finding new ways to express herself.