Photoshoot Hijabhills - Ruba Zai

According to the dictionary a fashionista is "someone who follows trends in the fashion industry and strives continually to adopt the latest fashions". A hijab is "a veil that covers the head and chest, which is particularly worn by muslimahs". Combine the two words and yes, you have "Hijabista"! It might not exist as an official word just yet, but young women all over the world are quickly adapting the term. Not just that, online communities of Hijabistas are expanding by the day, sharing fashion tips and letting us in on their lives.

Hijabvisers is a visual reference website devoted to highlight and talk about the most inspiring hijab ladies in the world. Through photos and interviews they offer their followers a better look into the worlds of these inspiring ladies. DARE is proud to be collaborating with these amazing people and this wonderful platform and in the next coming months we hope to surprise you a little more each day.......

Ruba Zai, or better known as HijabHills online, is rapidly becoming the most influential YouTuber this country has seen to date. She inspires and teaches her more than 35 000 young followers on YouTube and has proven to be of great influence not only in The Netherlands, but all over the world. DARE was allowed a small peek into her beautiful world: hope you enjoy it!