it's her mothers' daughter…..

Hijab Unravelled is a documentary and a personal interpretation of the meaning of the hijab for all the women I come across through my work and in my life. For some women it's literally their comfort zone or something to "hide" behind, for others it has a more symbolic meaning. It can connect them to a certain period of time in their life or even a certain person. The latter applies to Nima, whom I met this past summer. A colourful and slightly shy young medical assistant who feels a strong connection to her mother when wearing the hijab. She told me her personal story on warm summer day and then we walked around the park taking pictures and getting to know each other. I can't wait to show you the lovely shots we took for the book, but unfortunately we'll have to keep these a secret a little bit longer….:) However, if you want to see what our afternoon was like, scroll down and have a look!