Hijab Unravelled LIVE on voordekunst.nl

Three weeks ago my crowd funding campaign for Hijab Unravelled went live on the Dutch platform voordekunst.nl. Since then a staggering 41% of the total amount has been raised: I couldn't be more proud! It feels amazing to be supported by so many good friends and strangers for that matter, all whom have their own reasons to help the project.

I have two weeks left and there's still a long way to go, however I am optimistic that we'll get there! You can help the project enormously by sharing this link on your social media:


As a token of my appreciation I have the following to offer: for every additional 25% that is donated I will show an extra 25% of this picture. It's a photograph from the book that I haven't shown yet and it's one of my favourites! Curious? Help me get the next 25%! :D

I am forever grateful.