La Bohemina

"Never judge a book by its cover cause you never know what you might discover. Hijab Unravelled's ambition is to show you the various definitions of the hijab. Not only is it these girls' religion, it can also be part of a tradition, fashion or an expression of their passion. So click to explore, the internet opens this door. Relax and sit back with your coffee or tea, you might be surprised by the diversity you will get to see."

Sentences that seem to sing and can yet be easily read. Hijab Unravelled owes this written musicality to no one other than La Bohemina, or Sarah as I have gotten to know her. A woman with a strong passion, who's not afraid to speak up her mind and show the world what she stands for.

As you can imagine it was a great privilege to spend time with her and take her picture: what an honour to have her in this project. Check out the behind-the-scenes footage here.